3 comments on “Just a Thought

  1. If it was the only way to help them, I would probably do the same but as I think of it, if they didn’t want to help themselves being the villain would only cause them to get more insecure. Its quite a risk but I’d take it to help a friend.

    If I were that villain I’d probably leave them with the clear thought that they need to help themselves if they want people to stay. Almost like asking them to come to terms with their insecurities and weaknesses or else they would lose everyone they love because of them.

    I’m saying that as a person with my own insecurities that I have not yet entirely accepted but if someone was to tell me this I would get up and try again to make myself a better me. If I was told that by someone close to me, my villain, I would work towards acceptance because its in my human nature to want people around me to stay and that fear of losing more people around me after losing my friend or the villain would force me to face the reality of who I am.

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  2. Besides that, I just wanted to let you know you do have a way with words and you’ve led me to think about my own insecurities and acceptance. It was a wonderful post, great writing ! I’m a writer myself although I’m new with this entire world of wordpress. You could check out my post if you like. Have a good day! Keep writing 🙂

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    • Everyone has insecurities, I have a lot myself. I’ve met a wonderful person that made me realize that the blunt truth may hurt but it’s meant to help. Not everything is black and white, sometimes you have to hurt someone to actually help them. Thank you though, I try to write things that people can relate to, as well as a world people can sink into. I’ll gladly check out your post 🙂

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