4 comments on “Fantasy World

  1. Of course, a lot of the ‘women are inferior’ mindset was a product of the post-enlightenment era… There were quite a few cool warrior women in medieval times. Joan of Arc comes to mind, and the daughter of King Alfred the Great (whose name I can’t remember) ruled her own country for years after the death of her husband, even leading her armies into battle, if memory serves 🙂


    • Oh yes, there definitely are some amazing women around that time period, however there are so many people that I’ve talked to lately that think that all women were just trained knights. That would be the main aspect of medieval times they are confusing, in fact most people weren’t even trained back then. It’s just frustrating how much fantasy and actual history get mixed up sometimes. the again it’s not just medieval times, there are more current pieces of history that people confuse with things they heard on random tv series.

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