4 comments on “The Cloud in Their Darkness

  1. Despite the past, I feel like I should add a comment to this piece. Please accept it.

    The choices are nothing more than a crossroad between keep trying or surrender. We are only human at the end of the day and because of this we can only have one of two choices. You are someone that I have known to never give up on someone who means something to you. Despite whatever happened or whatever will happen you should keep it together and keep trying. Find alternate ways to move forward, find alternate ways to find the sun because no matter what you may think of sunshine and rain there is one thing that will always rain true : The sun is never gone it is simply blocked out. Clouds can be dispersed and rain can be stopped and that alone is where the answer lies. Use creativity to find a new way to disperse the clouds, use light to combat the dark because at the end of the day would you want to know you have tried to do something and failed or done nothing and achieved nothing.

    Failure is not an end, it is simply a means to a brand new start.


    • I don’t intend to ever give up. It’s more of a thought about peoples nature and how innately different each person is. Some people have more sunshine than others. It’s just interesting how each person has so many differences.


      • I am glad to hear that you do not plan on giving up. That is just the nature of this world though we are all different and we all hold various different thoughts and feelings. Some are true while others are an illusion but in the end its what makes us who we are. While some have more sunshine others may simply enjoy a rainy day. Sometimes we have to take a step back and take a look at the world we are in and sometimes we may just notice that a rainy day can only be nothing more than a simple sun shower!


      • I’m not the type to give up. As for being someone elses sunshine, sure there may be more rainy days than not, but I can always be a happy little sun shower

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